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Appliqued Woven Stole - Green - Custom Handmade Clerical Stoles

Appliqued Woven Stole - Green

Length:  To create a custom handmade clerical stole just for you, I need to know how long to make it. Some wear them just below the knee. Others like them down to the bottom of their alb, or somewhere in between. Please measure from the base of your neck in the back over the shoulder and down to the desired length. Select length from drop down box on order form.

Color: Next you'll want to select the main color.  Red, Blue, Purple, Green, or White. Please specify if you want a particular shade of a color ie: light blue, dark blue, bright blue, red purple, blue purple, olive green, kelly green, forest greet and so on. If your denomination uses other colors, I would be happy to accommodate your needs; just name it.

Fully Woven Stole - Purple - Custom Handmade Clerical Stoles

Fully Woven Stole - Purple

Style:  Decide whether you prefer sections of weaving appliqued onto a solid background color or a fully woven stole. Pricing starts at $200 for a fully woven stole and $250 for an appliqued style. You'll also want to choose the shape of the neckline; tapered like the green one shown or circular like the purple one. The bottom edge can be rounded like the purple sample or squared like the green one. It could also be pointed with a tassel attachment.

Embellishments: Embellishments include gold or silver threads and trims and normally correspond with the color of the crosses or other symbols and fringe. Tell me which you would prefer and how much shine suits your taste: Minimal, Average, or Elaborate.

Select the style of cross or symbol you would like on the ends of your stole. If you have a different one in mind, you may scan it to me and I will create it for you.

Fringe:  Do you want fringe on the ends? Select the color fringe you want: Gold, Silver, White, Red, Blue. Not all colors are always available and the length of the fringe also depends on availability. I will contact you if the color fringe you desire is not available.

Beading:  Do you like beading? On the sample green stole you can see the lines of bead work radiating outward from the heart. This is my preferred placement, but I can apply beads wherever you imagine them. Again I need to know your preference of Minimal, Tasteful, or Elaborate.

Your part is done. With all your choices noted on your order, I will begin the custom creation and ship it to you in four to six weeks. Allow more time for multiple piece orders. Thank you for your business. I'm so excited to make this for you.

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