Embellishment Options

Crown of Thorns Options

  • Crown of Thorns

    You may order a crown similar to this one. It could be created in black or brown for your Lenten stole.

Cross & Symbol Options

  • Option 1

    Symbols will be created in fabrics coordinating with the color stole you have chosen.   Please specify in the custom request box when ordering if you wish to choose the color of your symbol.
  • Option 10

    These pieced crosses are labor intensive as well as requiring multiple metallic fabrics. Selecting option 10 will add $25 each.
  • Option 2

    This is a handmade item and may vary slightly from the picture. Each one is individually crafted.
  • Option 3

    This fabric cross with a sateen finish is commercially made. This style is generally available.
  • Option 4

    This cross of white fabric is accented with lace overlay that has ribbon woven into it. It can be created in any color to compliment your choice of stole.
  • Option 5

    This is a metal cross shown in silver. Gold or silver choices depend on availability.
  • Option 6

    This rainbow stole can be ordered by selecting an appliqued stole of the appropriate length. Then note option 6 in the custom request box at the bottom of the order. To get the gold cording outline, select that from the embellishments list on the order form.
  • Option 7

    Cording can be added to outline any appliqued weaving on your choice of stole. Order this by choosing an appliqued stole of the appropriate length and then select gold cording from the list of embellishments.
  • Option 8

    Option #8 has the applique split above and below your choice of cross or symbol.  Select appliqued stole and specify option 8 in custom request. Shape will depend on choice of cross or symbol.
  • Option 9

    When ordering appliqued weaving, you can add option 9 to get additional weaving on the back with a cross or symbol of your choice. Be sure to order BOTH the cross or symbol and the extra weaving under Embellishments.

Other Crosses or Symbols

  • Other Crosses or Symbols

    I would be happy to create any other crosses or symbols your church uses in worship. Just upload a photo or drawing under the embellishments on your order.